Professor Dr. Ali Shihab Sabbir departs, leaving many lives inspired and enlightened

We deeply mourn at the untimely demise of Professor Dr. Ali Shihab Sabbir. Professor Sabbir breathed his last in New York on the 22nd of July 2020. Ever so exuberant Dr. Sabbir while leading the Center for Cognitive Skill Enhancement at IUB inspired so many young minds to pursue research and more so to become a more compassionate and well rounded human being.

His contribution to the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at IUB is immense and the wisdom he has imparted to many of his students over the years is insurmountable. He nurtured young talents so closely and meticulously that many of them are able to chase their aspirations and are now inspiring others. A brilliant research scholar and a impactful educator, Dr. Sabbir has immensely contributed to the field of Distributed and Context-Aware Collaboration with many scholarly publications and patents.

Professor Dr. Ali Shihab Sabbir, in so many ways has been a harbinger of scholarship, inspiration to his students and peers. His gregarious smile and his companionship as a mentor, colleague and as a friend will be greatly missed. We hope that he finds solace in his journey beyond life and may his friends and family find the courage to cope with this grief.

He will live on, in the works of many of his students and Professor Sabbir’s life will be celebrated in the knowledge that he disseminated out into this world.

Goodbye Captain ! ! ! May you find peace.