Workshop on Monte-Carlo Simulations


  The Mathematics of Monte-Carlo Simulations With the advent of computing power, Simulations have become a prevalent tool for us to understand complex systems and their behavior. Often such system needs arbitrary initial data and such inputs are not readily available. A possible solution to this dilemma is the use of the random numbers and generically such method is christened as ... Read More »

CCSE Celebrates Arduino Day 2017


Center for Cognitive Skill Enhancement (CCSE) has celebrated Arduino Day on 1st April, 2017, Saturday at Lecture Gallery, Level 4, IUB. The event was a two part session. Event started by cutting the Birthday cake to celebrate successful 17 years of Arduino Project. In one section,  participants discussed their journey and experience with Arduino, introduction to various types of Arduino and discussing ... Read More »

Arduino Day ’17


Arduino Day ’17 Arduino Day is a worldwide birthday celebration of Arduino. CCSE is celebrating the day by bringing people interested in Arduino get together, share their experiences, and learn more. You can bring your interesting Arduino projects and showcase it during the event.The best project will win a prize! The prize will be given to the person with the ... Read More »

Introduction to 2D Game Development


CCSE has successfully hosted another game development training workshop for beginners. This is a series of ongoing workshops on Game Development. The project coordinator is Dr. Mahady Hasan with SuperVision of Dr. Ali Shihab Sabbir. The workshop was conducted by Sayem Chaklader, a student of Computer Science at IUB with experience in developing commercially viable games for the International Market. ... Read More »

Biohacking Workshop

A3 IUB_featured_image

The Center for Cognitive Skill Enhancement (CCSE), the School of Life Sciences (SLS), and the International Center for Biotechnology and Health (ICBH) at IUB hosted Dr. Adeline Seah from the National University of Singapore for a talk and workshop on the biohacking on February 9, 2017. Over sixty faculty and students participated in the workshop. Biohacking is a community movement ... Read More »

CCSE Maker Camp 1: Back to the Basics


CCSE Maker Camp 1: Back to the Basics MakerCamp was an event hosted by CCSE to encourage everyone who wants to become a Maker. This provided the maker community all kind of support needed. The event was designed to give everyone a head start into the Journey of your maker career. We provided all necessary hardware and tools along with ... Read More »

Training on Parallel Computing with CUDA

Screenshot 2016-08-30 22.56.35

CUDA® is a parallel computing platform and programming model invented by NVIDIA. It enables dramatic increases in computing performance by harnessing the power of the graphics processing unit (GPU). With millions of CUDA-enabled GPUs sold to date, software developers, scientists and researchers are finding broad-ranging uses for GPU computing with CUDA. Center for Cognitive Skill Development (CCSE) has recently arranged ... Read More »

16 Days Long Game Development Workshop Held at CCSE

Workshop on Animation and Game Development

Center for Cognitive Skill Development (CCSE ) lab recently held a 16 days long workshop on Game Development. After the successful completion of the workshop, prizes were awarded to the top three participants, Sakib (1st Prize), Tanvir (2nd Prize) and Samiul (3rd Prize). Below is a short visual presentation on the workshop. Read More »

Animation & Game Development Using High Performance Computing


A workshop entitled “Animation & Game Development Using High Performance Computing” is going to be held soon after the end of Spring 2016 semester. Event will start from 19th April at 6p.m.   Details of the workshop can be found in the link below: Animation & Game Development using High Performance Computing Read More »

IUB Successfully conducts Unity 3D Game Development Workshop


IUB Successfully conducts a Unity3D game development workshop where 24 participants were selected. Along with participants from IUB other universities also participated such AIUB, NSU, AUST and more. The workshop was free and host included Jishan Hyder  Joy (an upcoming Unity3D Game Developer) who showed the participants how to import 3D models in to the game and make arrange them using ... Read More »