Monthly Archives: June 2017

Workshop on Advanced Micro Controller Programming

Workshop on Advanced Micro Controller Programming is a two-day long event hosted by CCSE which is a follow up of a previous event “Yes we can!” where we will be building and showcasing some advanced Micro-controller and Microcomputer projects and their real life applications. These projects can vary from Physics or Chemistry experimentation and simulation with Micro Controller to Portable ... Read More »

Workshop on Parallel Programming Concepts

Workshop on “Parallel Programming Concepts” Today, multithreading is a core technology on the basis of software projects in any branch of applied computer science. Multi-core machines are now common and we can no longer expect clock speeds or transistor densities to increase by orders of magnitude. The price of computation will continue to fall due to parallelism and we need ... Read More »

Yes We Can ! 10+ Micro-controller Projects

YesWeCan!was an event hosted by CCSE where we developed 10+ famous Micro-controller driven projects. These projects were developed from the scratch for this event and were described elaborately in front of the participants where they also took part in the process of making something new. We believed this event provided everyone a head start on the Journey of becoming a Maker. ... Read More »