Mechanical hydraulic Robotic hand

This is a fully functional hydraulic arm developed by Shoaib Mirza, at Center for Cognitive Skill Enhancement. Although it is not an innovation, it is a development towards cognitive skill learning.

This hydraulic arm system’s main frame is made from die-cut plywood and uses eight syringes (4 slaves and 4 masters) to maneuver the claw and arm and there is water in those syringes (because of air licking problem). The robot arm functions on some of the same principles that drive real world machines. Hydraulic robot arms like this one are used for mass manufacturing operations, such as auto assemblies. In case you are wondering, It can pick up to 50gram of weight.


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Shoaib Mirza
Enablers & Actuators, CCSE, IUB.

Research Interest:
Interest range includes Robotics, Circuit Design, fabrication, electronics. Currently the Hardware and Electronics developer at CCSE.
Microcontrollers like Arduino, Raspberry PI and also great knowledge on Processing Language.