2170 is a Sci-fi Apocalyptic Third Person Shooter Game developed by our very own Monirul Islam Sumon.




The Furies (Robots with advanced AI) have taken down the world.Killed all the people. Everyone is dead but you.

There are 7 Labs named CCSE located in 7 Continents of the World from where the Furies are being controlled.
The Mission is to destroy all the CCSE labs. you will have to go through all the 7 continents to do this.
This is 2170, You are on your own.




2170 is a third person shooter game with advance enemy AI. There are different types of enemy, including an invisible sniper which will be the most challenging for the players. There is cover system for both player and enemy AI. 2170 has a sci-fi gameplay in a post apocalyptic environment.



  • Realistic Graphics.
  • Post Apocalyptic Environment.
  • Day Night Cycle.
  • Select-able Time of Day.
  • Sci-fi Guns.
  • Cover System.
  • Ragdoll.
  • Slomo.




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twitter https://twitter.com/firefly2170


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Created  by …

sumon-150x150 (1)Monirul Islam Sumon

CCSE Researcher
Research Interest:

Large Database Management, Medium Scale ERP development, Unreal Engine, C#,C++ & MySQL.
Interest range includes 3DGame Development, Bridging Digital Divide and Standardized Software Development.