CCSE Maker Camp 1: Back to the Basics

CCSE Maker Camp 1: Back to the Basics

MakerCamp was an event hosted by CCSE to encourage everyone who wants to become a Maker. This provided the maker community all kind of support needed. The event was designed to give everyone a head start into the Journey of your maker career.

We provided all necessary hardware and tools along with the support that participants needed to begin this amazing journey and they made something to be proud of by the end of the event.

The First day we had two workshops. First one was on “Art of making Useless things”. This segment was to encourage everyone one to enjoy the fun that lies behind making and being a maker. Here, they saw Arduino up and running and also received a box full of electronic tools as a gift.
After that, we had a segment on “Programming and Beyond”. This segment was to learn about programming from a different perspective and also covering all basics of programming. Here, participants also got glims of a neural network, machine learning, deep learning and quantum computing.

The Second day we had a game development segment where everyone learned about different phases of game development and how to think like a game creator. Here, they saw a game created right at the moment along how to work with different game engines.

After that participants’ star working on their different projects, that day and even on the third day they worked on different projects. There were six groups and they made different interesting hardware games, application and websites and fully working 3D games.

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