Offroad Scientist PC Demo Released.

Offroad Scientist

One of our Game Development Project is now in its playable demo for PC.
Game Home Page & Download:

Developer:  Sayem Chaklader (
Developed with : Unity3D

This is actually a Research Project of Independent University, Bangladesh at our CCSE Lab. We are just checking how hard is it to make a good 3D game for the Video Game International Market.

Game Development is still in its infancy in this country. Let alone Indie or AAA. So we at IUB decided to take up the challenge.
How hard can it be right? Well turns out its very hard, persistence seem to be the key and Visual Art is something programmers needs to learn.
This took 14 days of consistent 10:00 AM till 10:00 PM (not full time) to make. I am guessing it will take about 5 days for each level and a different vehicle.

Offroad Scientist Terrain


Offroad Scientist Credits.

Some Stats:

Global Video Games Sector Revenue

This is why PC as opposed to Android. PC games can be easily transferred with little changes to consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation etc.