NASA SpaceApps Challenge 2016 Held at IUB

NASA SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program launched in 2012. It is one of the largest

international annual hackathons, with a mission to develop innovative solutions to problems affecting us

at home and in space. The 48-hour long hackathon takes place simultaneously in numerous major cities

across the world. Community hosts nominate winning teams from their locality. A NASA judging panel

selects the top 25 projects, whose teams are then eligible to attend a NASA launch event. The 26

challenges presented at the hackathon are divided into major categories, namely, ‘Technology’,

‘Aeronautics’, ‘Space Station’, ‘Solar System’, ‘Earth’, and ‘Journey to Mars’. Teams choose one problem

from any one category and hack away at the solution for 2 straight days without break. Relevant data

sets and tools are made available to the participants to use in their solutions throughout the


NASA Space App Challenge


Bangladesh became a destination for the NASA SpaceApps hackathon since last year, when it was held

for the first time in our country. BASIS (Bangladesh Association for Software and Information Services)

was the local organizer for the event, while IUB was the local host, and both institutions have reprised

their respective roles for this year’s event as well. The NASA SpaceApps Challenge 2016 was held at IUB

from 22-23 April, 2016. At the initial stage, there were more than 300 teams from Dhaka and 100 teams

from Rajshahi and Chittagong who signed up for the hackathon. Out of these, 30 teams from Dhaka and

20 teams from Rajshahi and Chittagong, with 2 IUB teams among them, were chosen to participate in

the main event in IUB


Team Reboot Secured 2nd Position for NASA Space App Challenge 2016

A grueling 48-hours of brainstorming and coding led to some novel solutions to difficult challenges. One

IUB team was adjudged Runners-Up for the contest for their solution to the “Aircheck” challenge from

the “Earth” category. Their app, titled “Guardians of the Air” provides vital information about the air

quality of the user’s surroundings and potential airborne diseases/threats. This solution, while being

under the ‘Earth’ category, can prove to be equally useful in space. The team was comprised of IUB

students – Md. Rakin Sarder (leader), Raihanul Bashar, Mir Noor Ul Haque and Rayhan Sarder Tipu.

The other IUB team also received special recognition for their project in the ‘Space Route 66’ challenge

in the ‘Journey to Mars’ category. Their project, ‘Space Stations in the Future’ is a first-person game

where users can fly around in space, and dock at a futuristic space station, which even has its own onsite

spacecraft and probe manufacturing facilities. The team was made of IUB students Md. Rezaul Hasan

Evan (leader), Jisan Haider Joy, Juned Ahmed Chowdhury and Md. Emdadul Haque, and their brilliant

efforts won them the ‘Most Inspirational’ award at the local competition.

IUB has now successfully hosted two NASA SpaceApps Challenges, while at the same time, providing a

winning team in 2015, and a runners-up team in the 2016 edition. The university looks forward to

hosting the competition in the coming years and continuing its fruitful relationship with the NASA

SpaceApps Challenge program.


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