IUB Successfully conducts Unity 3D Game Development Workshop

IUB Successfully conducts a Unity3D game development workshop where 24 participants were selected. Along with participants from IUB other universities also participated such AIUB, NSU, AUST and more. The workshop was free and host included Jishan Hyder  Joy (an upcoming Unity3D Game Developer) who showed the participants how to import 3D models in to the game and make arrange them using Game Play Logic. Blender 3D basics were also covered so that most participants who were programmers understands the 3D aspects of the game and learning how important 3D tools can be in-terms of 3D game development. This is the 2nd HEQEP funded Game Development Workshop at CCSE LAB that was a powerful project-based opportunity to expose students to the exciting world of game development.

Dr. Ali Shihab Sabbir (SPM for ccse.secs.iub.edu.bd) encouraged students on Game Development and agreed to make game development workshops to be a recurring event so that they can learn even further.

Students learned the following :

1. 3D Object Creation with Blender and Exporting to Unity3D.
2. Building a workable CAR (vehicle) from Blender to Unity3D.
3. Introduction to Unity Editor and Scripting API.
4. Scripting to get the car working on a level and basic gameplay mechanics.