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The Game of Logic’ – a workshop on history and development of logic as well as how to learn to reason was held on Apr 20, 2015 at the lecture gallery of School of Engineering and Computer Science. The Vice chancellor, Prof. M. Omar Rahman was present to grace the occasion.
The workshop was organized by the ‘Center for Cognitive Skill Enhancement: Learning How to Reason’. This center is a sub-project of ‘Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project (HEQEP)’, administered by the ministry of Education and University Grants Commission of Bangladesh with the assistance of World Bank. Under the project this sub-project was awarded a grant of 25 million taka to be spent over the next three years. This was the inaugural event of the center.

At the beginning Dr. Ali Shihab Sabbir, SPM of the sub-project, and Dean of the School of Engineering and Computer Science, explained the aim and development of the center. As the center coordinator, he also talked about how the center is going to help students of different background to collaborate under the broader umbrella of cognition and how a cross pollination of ideas can revert the trend of increasing compartmentalization of knowledge in an evolving world that is more and more integrated and technologically intertwined. Prof. M Omar Rahman in his brief speech made the participant aware of how logic is related in all aspect of life, not just in engineering & mathematics. Among other speakers, Dr. Sarwar Uddin Ahmed, Dean of the School of Business and Prof. Khodadad Khan of Mathematics, talked about the importance of logic in our day to day life and the need for it to be inculcated into our early studies. Mr. Subrata Kumar Dey, DSMP of the sub-project gave the vote of thanks.

After lunch, in the technical session of the event, Dr. Habib Bin Muzaffar gave a brief account of history and evolution of logic through ages. In his interactive session he talked about people who shaped the formal landscape of logic starting from Aristotle through Leibniz and Bertrand Russell, he also talked about the contributions of Boole, Hilbert and Gödel who are less known outside the mathematical community.

During the workshop, puzzles, paradoxes, games etc. were thrown at participants and were challenged to solve them on the spot. The participants were enthusiastic and inquisitive. Certificate of participation were given at the end and prize for successful problem solver is to be announced. The workshop ended with an informal discussion and light refreshments.

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