CCSE Initiates Unreal Engine Game Development

First Game Development project was initiated today under CCSE using top of the line game engines used to release AAA titles such as Gears of War. The engine that is being used is Epic Games Unreal Engine 4. Indie Game Development has become a major market worldwide. Video games currently has a billion dollar industry worldwide. Game Development is a multi-disciplinary task where programmers, artists , sound engineers, 3D/2D Designers work together to form a single piece of entertainment software. With today’s market technology such as STEAM and Google Play , anyone with the right set of skills can produce games and market anywhere in the world.

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At CCSE we are encouraging Students to use their Programming Skills to develop games. CCSE provides the necessary infrastructure required for game development such as Graphic Tablets,High End Computers and even a Super Computer which can be utilized to produce complex rendering for Photon Mapping, simulations, creation of motion films or cut-scenes and much more. We believe that with the right training, resources and planning our students can create games that will have an impact globally.

Currently in development is a Game Called OFFROAD MANIACS. Which will be free to play and is being developed by an active team of students using Unreal Engine 4.